• By Admin
  • 19 Nov 2020
Agreed, Mahabaleshwar is as touristy as it gets. But that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. Its forest cover is as dense and the weather as lovely despite the crowds that throng Mahabaleshwar these days. So, instead of banishing it – for this visit, we challenged ourselves to see this much-visited place in a new light. We decided to rediscover the beauty of Mahabaleshwar. We decided to “visit Mahabaleshwar on foot”. The first step was to stay in old Mahabaleshwar, also called “Kshetra“. This is the old temple area in Mahabaleshwar. The locals of Mahabaleshwar stay around here. There aren’t many tourist resorts in this part. Step two – public transport. A 6 km winding road connects Kshetra with the Mahabaleshwar bus stand. A few buses ply between the two every hour or so. Our bus was an hour later
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